About us


Saffire is fashion house based in Los Angeles, delivering high-quality, fashion-forward garments. With strong attention to detail, our garments are made with good energy, expensive trims, and edgy details for a high-end finish.

For head-strong, fearless women in their 20’s who like to live a social lifestyle and dress up any outfit to make them feel edgy, sexy, and confident. Women who know their worth and like to go against the grain.

Saffire isn’t just a brand, but a community of like-minded individuals who inspire others through their positive mindset, confidence, and style.

Saffire strives to bring women around the world together to lift each other up, understand the power of their thoughts, and learn how to manifest their dream life. This team of women will teach the next generation of doers and thinkers that they too can reach their fullest potential.



We believe our “it” girls are more than just influencers, they are “enlighteners". We believe they reflect our brand’s core values in their everyday life. These girls embody a positive mindset, uplift others, live a healthy lifestyle, and have a great outlook on the world.  

Our “it” girls know how to manifest their dream life through their thoughts, action & style and they inspire their followers to do the same. 

Saffire will build an empire of like-minded individuals through it’s brand values, customer base, influential speakers, inspirational quotes, and enlighteners. We teach young women that they are capable of fulfilling their goals and reaching their fullest potential through the power of their thoughts, actions & style. 



Saffire is a body-positive brand that supports The No-Retouching Movement. We commit to a no-photoshop policy for our photos and campaigns across the website. 

Saffire strives to support all women all over the globe. We believe in the importance of self-love, authenticity and body-positivity. Because we know that natural is beautiful, we want you to know that too. Because it is what’s on the inside is what matters most.



Saffire is a small company, that has created a road map to ensure we source and manufacture products that are ethical and sustainable. We are dedicated to better understanding our supply chain, their operations and manufacturing processes to ensure they meet our standards.

We only source or manufacture our products in small quantities, based on customer demand to reduce environmental impact or waste. We strive for high-quality products that look and feel expensive.



Saffire is inspired by the precious gemstone of Sapphire. Our company’s values, enlighteners, and customers all embody similar qualities to that of a sapphire.

Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, royalty, protection, abundance, peace, and spiritual insight.

In the middle ages, Kings and Queens wore blue sapphires for protection from evil energies and to bring peace and good fortune. 

Known for its indestructible nature and healing properties, Sapphire protects one from negative energy, attracts financial abundance, promotes mental clarity & vision, and strengthens one's integrity & intuition.

Sapphire is a stone of honest leadership, for businesswomen or female entrepreneurs who wish to succeed without compromising integrity. 

Sapphire also grounds you and connects you to your higher self– activating the higher mind.

It focuses, emanates and radiates its energy in fulfilling one’s goals and manifesting ideas into reality. 

Saffire is also the birthstone of the Chinese zodiac sign of the Tiger.